Password: Choose the Secure, Easy and Cool Password


A super secure Password is very common nowadays. Although according to experts the password is going to expire very soon. Moreover, the pin codes are also replacing password in some why. Perhaps still there is a lot of importance of a secure password in many places.

The one of the most secure, easy to remember and cool way to choose a highly secure password is to use keywords along with each word like mentioned bellow;

A = Alpha

B = Bravo

C = Charlie

D = Delta

E = Echo

F = Foxtrot

G = Golf

H = Hotel

I = India

J = Juliet

K = Kilo

L = Lima

M = Mike

N = November

O = Oscar

P = Papa

Q = Quebec

R = Romeo

S = Sierra

T = Tango

U = Uniform

V = Victor

W = Whiskey

X = X-ray

Y = Yolo

Z = Zulu

By using this way you can simply choose extremely simple and easy to remember a password and use them along with different patterns and other keys. Even if it is your own name. : – )

Further, you can also choose different passwords for your different platforms even by including the name of that platform in the mentioned way. : – )

Hope that would really make your life so much easier from now…

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