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Build Windows App Version of Your Website

Microsoft Windows 10 makes it easy for you to create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of your website and publish to the Store. That look great across all Windows devices, update and call native Windows APIs from JavaScript running on your website, creating a more engaging user experience. Further, you can also Integrate with…

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Publish Your App To Windows Store

So if you have complete your app and test its all functionality and everything is going perfect then you must be felling accomplished. Because after so much hard work when you are watching your app running according to your expectations, that is really an awesome feeling which cannot be expressed in words. So after completion…

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Create a Sample UWP App in C#

The core of this blog is about Microsoft Visual C#. But C# is mostly used to work with the visual Programming. Web Applications, Windows Desktop Applications, UWP Applications and so on… So here we will practice is by using UWP Apps. The UWP is the most entrusting, simple and best way to practice visual Application…

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Develop a Windows 10 App in C#

To Create a Windows 10 App using C#; Let’s Create a Universal Windows App in Microsoft Visual Studio; In the template Selection, check the Empty Project and chick OK; Microsoft Visual Studio will create some files for you in Solution Explorer; Now click upon MainPage.xaml, you will get the screen here; You will see the…

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Chaseable Live Tiles: Microsoft Introduce New Live Tiles

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft introduced the new live tile called the Chaseable Live Tiles. That will totally changed the Live tile experience in Windows. From the Chaseable Live Tiles, users will be able to directly navigate to a content or item that is shown on the title. That would really help developers to get their users…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Skype is Open for Developers to Use In Apps

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the Skype SDKs for developers. That will open the new ways of development and make the Apps more Conversation as a Platform. The Skype Web SDK enables the integration of real-time messaging experiences in nearly any webpage with only a few lines of code. Microsoft is updating this SDK …

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Windows 10: Anniversary Update (RedStone 1)

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which is coming on this summer. The update will be coming all major Windows Devices. Lets See The Stuff from Build 2016; Lets see the stylish stuff about Windows 10 Update from Build 2016; There are four major updates coming with RedStone 1; Windows Hello Biometric…

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Microsoft Bot: Introduces the Bot Framework By Microsoft

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Bot Framework. The new Framework is the part of new type named “Conversation As A Platform (CAAP)” which is also unveiled at Build 2016 by Microsoft current CEO Satya Nadella.   The Microsoft Bot Framework  provides the great interaction naturally wherever your users are communicating with different Software Services… “Bots…

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Desktop App Converter: Converts Win32 And .Net Apps To Modern Apps

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced an awesome tool of Desktop App Converter. That will allow developers to convert their Win32 and .Net apps to Modern Desktop apps.   By converting from Desktop App Converter the apps can have Live Tiles and notifications just like other UWP Apps. And once converted, these Modern Desktop apps can be submitted…

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Microsoft Cognitive Services: Put Intelligence APIs to Your Work

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced Microsoft Cognitive Services. Last Year Microsoft has announce the the Proejct with Code Name Project Oxford. Now Microsoft has named project Oxford as Microsoft Cognitive Services. Microsoft Cognitive Services let you build apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code. They work across devices and platforms…

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