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IBM STEM Islamabad | Sahar – Discover the Era of Digital Innovation

After an extensive hard work of several weeks, finally, we were there to execute the STEM event in Islamabad with full energy and momentum. This time, the theme of the STEM event was “Sahar – Discover the Era of Digital Innovation”. To encourage high school girls to pursue their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and…

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Session on Watson and Cognitive Services | Dr Nadia Zaheer

The complete session on Watson and cognitive services was given by Dr Nadia Zaheer. Everybody including the IBM leads enjoyed the session and demos. Let’s do see the video clip of the session here;

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Welcome Message By Ghazzanfar Ali | An Era of Digital Innovation

The Welcome Message was given by Ghazanfar Ali (IBM Pakistan Country GM). He interacts with the audience in such a great way that everyone enjoys his talk. He described about IBM and the audience can find their career in IBM by staying in STEM. Let’s see the session clip Here; #IBMSTEM4GIRLS #IBMInclusive #IBMSTEM #womenatibm #womenintech  

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JumpStart STEM Session By Madeeha Omer​ | An Era of Digital Innovation.

So, the JumpStart session was given by Madeeha Omer (IBM Pakistan Marking Lead). She briefly described about the STEM. How STEM is important for Girls and how they can grow their career by staying with STEM. Let’s see the session clip Here;   #IBMSTEM4GIRLS #IBMInclusive #IBMSTEM #womenatibm #womenintech

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IBM Startup Bootcamp-III for Female Startups and Entreprenurs | WECREATE Pakistan

If you are a Startup and you want to get a strong boost. Or if you are an Entrepreneur and you want to know about what initiatives or services are available through which you can get facilitate for your existing or upcoming startup. Then, my friend, IBM Startup Bootcamp is the best event to go.…

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Hult Prize 2017 Powered By IBM

The Hult Prize is a massive (650+ Universities) global platform for student-led innovation and entrepreneurship. Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Ahmad Ashkar, it was named ‘One of the Top 5 Ideas Changing the World’ in 2012 by President Clinton and TIME Magazine. Just this year, 8 of the ‘Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs Changing…

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IBM is Standing with Pakistani Entrepreneur Society | IBM PAKISTAN

Pakistan is one of the countries that have greater depth for Entrepreneurs and Startups. One of the biggest reason is that Pakistan has a lot of problems in every field. And more problems means you have more solutions for those problems. So Pakistani Entrepreneurs from all over the world spending their efforts upon that. According…

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