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JumpStart with JAVA | For Dot NET Developers

So, if you’re a Dot NET developer and you are looking to do JumpStart with JAVA then my friend you are just at the right place. Sometimes you do not live with one language. Especially if you are working for an organization who is working in different dimensions. Let’s start by viewing a small clip;…

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JumpStart Into Big Data With HDInsight

What would happen when the volume of your data increased repeatedly over time and you need high velocity at the same time. Not only that but you have a different variety of data and Variability also exist in your data. So how would you handle all that data? If we particularly talk about an existing…

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LinkedIn: Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

LinkedIn is one of the most used Professional Social Platform. There are more than 500 Million Users including Companies, Professionals and Students from all over the world. And now Microsoft is buying LinkedIn in an all-cash transaction for $26.2 billion. For Microsoft point of view, that is would be great fits to increase the push…

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Publish Your App To Windows Store

So if you have complete your app and test its all functionality and everything is going perfect then you must be felling accomplished. Because after so much hard work when you are watching your app running according to your expectations, that is really an awesome feeling which cannot be expressed in words. So after completion…

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UWP: Things Required To Do Right After Creation of New Project.

Microsoft Visual Studio really supports you during the App development. It provides you lot of facilities and easiness in the form of pre-defined required code, Intellisense and important files that makes the developers life so much easier than ever before. Perhaps there are few things which you might want to do right after creation of…

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Microsoft SharePoint: Create an Intranet in SharePoint

As you should already have some hands on with SharePoint. So, Lets do some hands on with SharePoint Intranet for Small company. Simply start with a Blank Site Collection. Let’s assume that the company has 3 Departments: Sales, Production and Support. They each have their own area in which they should be able to share Documents…

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JumpStart with Microsoft Visual C#

Microsoft Visual C# is the Multi-Paradigm Programming Language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines. With C#, one has got a great programming language and a valuable tool at his fingertips. Perhaps without giving credit to Visual Studio IDE is unfair with the most powerful IDE in the world…

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Microsoft Imagine Cup: An Awesome Journey With Full of Pressure and Anxiety.

It was the awesome experience to take a part in Microsoft Imagine Cup the World Biggest Software Competition. Every Techee Student has a Dream to take a part in this great competition. For me, it’s the dream come true… I COMPETE Imagine Cup  This was the great journey of back to back Three Years participation. Every year competition…

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Chaseable Live Tiles: Microsoft Introduce New Live Tiles

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft introduced the new live tile called the Chaseable Live Tiles. That will totally changed the Live tile experience in Windows. From the Chaseable Live Tiles, users will be able to directly navigate to a content or item that is shown on the title. That would really help developers to get their users…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Microsoft Azure Momentum

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Scott Guthrie describe once again the Azure momentum among enterprise customers. There are more than 85% of Fortune 500 customers are now on Microsoft Cloud. Also has more data centers than Google and Amazon combined. There are 120,000 new Azure customers adding every month. And The most interesting thing…

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