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Softcom 2016 Powered By IBM

If you suddenly arrive at a place where people are working in different sides to beat each other. Where you watch people either planning in silence or executing something with noise. People running from one place to other in a rush, challenging each other with their actions and progress. If you try to talk with…

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IBM Watson: JumpStart with Watson AlchemyAPI

If you want to understand the content and context and extract the required information from that, then Watson AlchemyAPI is here for you. AlchemyAPI offers you a set of services that enable you to build apps that understand the content and context of the text. You can perform tasks such as extracting the request information…

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IBM is Standing with Pakistani Entrepreneur Society | IBM PAKISTAN

Pakistan is one of the countries that have greater depth for Entrepreneurs and Startups. One of the biggest reason is that Pakistan has a lot of problems in every field. And more problems means you have more solutions for those problems. So Pakistani Entrepreneurs from all over the world spending their efforts upon that. According…

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GEP for you.

GEP: IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

If you are an Entrepreneur, Startup or a new growing company and looking for appropriate tools, software, cloud services that exactly fulfilled your requirements then sky is the only limit my friend. IBM Global Entrepreneur is our unique program designed to connect startups to our global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology.…

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Create a WordPress Blog in Bluemix

Are You looking to create a WordPress Blog in Bluemix? Congratulations! You’re at the right place. By Following few easy steps, you can easily create your WordPress Blog in Bluemix. Simply go to the Deploy WORDPRESS-ON-BLUEMIX link HERE; https://hub.jazz.net/deploy/index.html?repository=https://hub.jazz.net/git/jstart/WordPress.on.Bluemix Now simply do login into your Bluemix Account. After that, it would ask you to Pick…

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Welcome to Bluemix

JumpStart with IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is the world most exclusive cloud platform that provides developers to quickly develop, Deploy and manage Apps over the cloud without dealing with any underline infrastructure. Bluemix provides great open source platforms for your needs. Tech experts believe that up to 2020 the computing era would completely change. As in the beginning of…

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