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[Internal] Mapping the Updated Sheet with Orignal File | IBV Self Service Tool

Now, once we have our sheet ready with updated labels. The next step is the getting the required file all set for marketsight by making the updated sheet with original file from IBM Self Service Tool here; http://ibmibv117.com/svnweb/sss/ Here, we will map the updated sheet that is ready after doing the required changes like update labels etc…

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Salama | COVID19 Cognitive Solution | Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Well, an another developed cognitive solution went live today. The Journey started last month, when the COVID19 was started getting peak. So, I along with Ammar Zaidi, Osama Damati, Prabhu Ram and few others, started working on a cognitive solution for COVID19 that was going to integrate with the CCAD official website. The first version…

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