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Create Business Process Definition (BPD) | Hands-On with IBM BPM 8.6

Motivation In order to perform the task of creating the initial process model, we have to create the business process definition (BPD) in the IBM Business Process Manager Process Designer. Now once we create our process application like here. We’re ready to create Business Process Definition (BPD); Create a Business Process Definition (BPD) From the Process Application dashboard, simply…

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Create a Process Application | Hands-On with IBM BPM 8.6

Motivation The first step in the actual hands-on is creating a process application in IBM BPM 8.6. The IBM BPM 8.6 is the latest version released by February 2019. So let’s start by Creating a process application. Create a Process Application In order to create a process model in the business process definition (BPD) in the…

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