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* [This is an internal blog post design for internal use. Useful only with the background of the internal work].

So, whenever we received the study, the very first thing we have to find is the *.sav file. The very first thing we have to do is remove the ‘Multiple Response Sets’ and for that purpose, we can use SPSS by following simple steps;

Go to IBM SPSS Statistics.

Now, simply go to the top menu, File>Open>Data;

From the popup window, simply select the *.sav file that we received from the study lead. Click Open;

Now after getting the file open in SPSS, we have to remove the ‘Multiple Response Sets’.

Simply go to the top menu, Data > Define Multiple Response Sets…;

Here if we can see the sets in the Multiple Response Sets section (like here);

Simply remove them by selecting one by one. Click OK.

And thats it, we have successfully remove the multiple response sets which he had to do on this stage. : – )

Now we will go to IBV Self Service Tool, to get the required sheet on which we can further work.

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