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[Internal] Mapping the Updated Sheet with Orignal File | IBV Self Service Tool


Now, once we have our sheet ready with updated labels.

The next step is the getting the required file all set for marketsight by making the updated sheet with original file from IBM Self Service Tool herehttp://ibmibv117.com/svnweb/sss/

Here, we will map the updated sheet that is ready after doing the required changes like update labels etc get the .sav file. Hence the .sav file will be fully mapped with the changes, hence it will be all set for the Marketsight.

Before going to the Self Service Tool, it is very important to rename the original file with the same job name over the SelfService and updated excel sheet with the same name with “_MAP” with it. Also update the original .sav with the job name.

So, we will simply go to “IBM IBV Self Service Tool” and Create a search for the same file job that we had created for the same study and click upon edit from the options;

Now, as we have to map the updated sheet to our initial .sav file, first we will import that old .sav file then import the updated sheet and hit the run button like here;

And wait for the Status to be complete;

Once the status is complete, simply go to the box folder (e.g. 2020). The same folder with was created with the job name upon it along with the job number. There, we can see all of our required files;

And that’s it, we have successfully get our required .sav file that we are looking for at this stage. : – )

Just to validate all changes are done, simply open the file in SPSS;

Once everything is looking on SPSS, then thats it.

As you’ve got mapped file the required updates, now its all set to push over the marketsight.


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