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Now, once we have our preparation of data in IBM SPSS Statistics from here; [Internal] Preparing Data IBM SPSS Statistics.

The next step is the getting the required files ready from IBM Self Service Tool here; http://ibmibv117.com/svnweb/sss/

Here, we will push over .sav file that we have refined from SPSS and get the excel sheet on which we can further work on.

So, we will simply go to “IBM IBV Self Service Tool” and Create a New Job by clicking upon Jobs menu item on the right menu bar and click New;

Name the new job and import the saved file from the SPSS after changes to it. Then click “Run Now”.

And wait for the Status to be complete;

Once the status is complete, simply go to the box folder (e.g. 2020). A new folder would be created with the same job name upon it along with the job number.

Now, simply go to that folder, there we can see all of our required files;

From there, simply download either the latest sheet or the sheet on which the today’s date is mention;

And that’s it, we have successfully get our required excel file that we are looking for at this stage. : – )

As you’ve got the required sheet which we can easily modify, so now we will simply go ahead and update to labels to get ready for the marketsight.

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