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JumpStart with Hadoop

Motivation; Whenever we will hear about Big Data implementation and its tools, we would definitely hear about Hadoop community. According to IBM analytics, … Keep Reading


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Say Hello With Node-RED Starter

Let’s do say hello with Node-RED Starter and have a look at creating some basic workflows. From our bluemix catalog, simply go to the Boilerplates category. From there, in Boilerplates, simply select the Node-RED Starter; Now simply enter your credentials and click Create to begin staging the boilerplate app. Staging is now complete and the…

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Sajid Ali Khan joined Software Productivity Strategists, Inc.

Sajid Ali Khan is a WATSON API Technical Evangelist in Software Productivity Strategists Inc. Islamabad office. Developing smart Apps and demos with IBM Watson. Install, Configure & Troubleshoot IBM Watson Services along with other cloud services. Building contents and demos on Watson APIs on Bluemix. Demonstrating the newest technologies and hosting tech events. Acquiring the tools…

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Grand Challenge in Computer Science

The grand challenge will be the control of human lifestyles. As due to technology, the whole lifestyle is changed, may someone belongs to any civilization of category. Everybody is fully effected by modern computing and latest innovation. That changed people day to day activities. So the biggest challenge would be the control of this sudden change…

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IBM STEM Islamabad | Sahar – Discover the Era of Digital Innovation

After an extensive hard work of several weeks, finally, we were there to execute the STEM event in Islamabad with full energy and momentum. This time, the theme of the STEM event was “Sahar – Discover the Era of Digital Innovation”. To encourage high school girls to pursue their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and…

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Jennifer Stammers | An Unseen Manager

Jennifer Stammers is one the great mentors under which I work, but for a short time. Well, if you are thinking about a real ‘Jenni’ or a spirit then I would correct you here. She is my vertical from IBM MEA region, who is pushing me at my work and supporting me in every way when I…

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Develop WATSON App in JAVA | IBM Bluemix

Now as you should already have some hands-on with Watson services and JAVA along with MAVAN then let’s do develop Watson App in JAVA. Now simply create a MAVAN project in JAVA and add Watson Developer Cloud dependency to pom.xml file;   Now we can see, as soon we’ll add the dependency, it will add…

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JumpStart with JAVA Frameworks | MVC, Spring, RESTful Services

So, as you already have some hands-on with JAVA development, let’s do move forward and play with JAVA Frameworks. There are different frameworks available in JAVA. Each framework has its own pros and cons. Developers can use any framework as per then need, requirement and ease. Here, we’ll be talking about MVC and Spring along…

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Session on Watson and Cognitive Services | Dr Nadia Zaheer

The complete session on Watson and cognitive services was given by Dr Nadia Zaheer. Everybody including the IBM leads enjoyed the session and demos. Let’s do see the video clip of the session here;

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