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C# Memory Management

In C#, the memory is allocated by dynamically at Runtime and don’t have to explicitly allocate memory. So you don’t need to … Keep Reading


Jennifer Stammers | An Unseen Manager

Jennifer Stammers is one the great mentors under which I work, but for a short time. Well, if you are thinking about a real ‘Jenni’ or a spirit then I would correct you here. She is my vertical from IBM MEA region, who is pushing me at my work and supporting me in every way when I…

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Develop WATSON App in JAVA | IBM Bluemix

Now as you should already have some hands-on with Watson services and JAVA along with MAVAN then let’s do develop Watson App in JAVA. Now simply create a MAVAN project in JAVA and add Watson Developer Cloud dependency to pom.xml file;   Now we can see, as soon we’ll add the dependency, it will add…

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JumpStart with JAVA Frameworks | MVC, Spring, RESTful Services

So, as you already have some hands-on with JAVA development, let’s do move forward and play with JAVA Frameworks. There are different frameworks available in JAVA. Each framework has its own pros and cons. Developers can use any framework as per then need, requirement and ease. Here, we’ll be talking about MVC and Spring along…

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Session on Watson and Cognitive Services | Dr Nadia Zaheer

The complete session on Watson and cognitive services was given by Dr Nadia Zaheer. Everybody including the IBM leads enjoyed the session and demos. Let’s do see the video clip of the session here;

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EcoD Pakistan Meetup | Islamabad

So we were together for the EcoD Pakistan Meetup during the second week of March 2017. Initially, we were expecting an official meetup from IBM perhaps we wait for that up to a long time and finally we decide to let’s do that together. : – ) Our Karachi team arrived in Islamabad from the…

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Welcome Message By Ghazzanfar Ali | An Era of Digital Innovation

The Welcome Message was given by Ghazanfar Ali (IBM Pakistan Country GM). He interacts with the audience in such a great way that everyone enjoys his talk. He described about IBM and the audience can find their career in IBM by staying in STEM. Let’s see the session clip Here; #IBMSTEM4GIRLS #IBMInclusive #IBMSTEM #womenatibm #womenintech  

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JumpStart STEM Session By Madeeha Omer​ | An Era of Digital Innovation.

So, the JumpStart session was given by Madeeha Omer (IBM Pakistan Marking Lead). She briefly described about the STEM. How STEM is important for Girls and how they can grow their career by staying with STEM. Let’s see the session clip Here;   #IBMSTEM4GIRLS #IBMInclusive #IBMSTEM #womenatibm #womenintech

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We’re About To Start | An Era of Digital Innovation

So, we are about to Start! Everyone is here. IBM MEA Teams who were preparing for this event are all set to execute the event at full pace, with full energy. Top of that, our all leads are here together working hard to make the STEM wonderful. #IBMSTEM4GIRLS #IBMInclusive #IBMSTEM #womenatibm #womenintech  

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JumpStart with JAVA | For Dot NET Developers

So, if you’re a Dot NET developer and you are looking to do JumpStart with JAVA then my friend you are just at the right place. Sometimes you do not live with one language. Especially if you are working for an organization who is working in different dimensions. Let’s start by viewing a small clip;…

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IBM Startup Bootcamp-III for Female Startups and Entreprenurs | WECREATE Pakistan

If you are a Startup and you want to get a strong boost. Or if you are an Entrepreneur and you want to know about what initiatives or services are available through which you can get facilitate for your existing or upcoming startup. Then, my friend, IBM Startup Bootcamp is the best event to go.…

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