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Junaid Jamshed: An Evangelist, A Role Model, A Hero


O Junaid Jumshed, you’re leaving behind millions of your followers with broken hearts including this one. You were the one from which I was actually impressed in every way. I followed you from the beginning, the time even when I was not able to speak well but I sing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, the time when I used to sing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ and ‘Yahi Zameen’ in the assembly of my school and high school. The great personality you had, the great speaking accent you had, everything I tried to copy. And then after you move into way of Allah, I always tried to speech in the way you speech, communicate in the way you communicate and dealing with people in the way you deal.


I would not stop here. I’ll continue following you. I’ll work for Pakistan just like you did. I’ll work for my people like you did. This Heart is fully broken as I’m writing this, I cannot find the appropriate words and sentences to dedicate you. But I can pray to Allah like you;


Amn O Mohabat Key Din Dey Day

Hum Ney Hia Lambee Raat Guzaree,

Mehnat Sey Hia Azmat Saree,

Manay Gi Ab Koom Humaree,

Tujh Pey Hia Watan

Jaan O Dil - Bhi Fida.


May Allah help me so I can make my Pakistan proud just like you did and push my people forward like your dream.


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