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Jennifer Stammers | An Unseen Manager


Jennifer Stammers is one the great mentors under which I work, but for a short time. Well, if you are thinking about a real ‘Jenni’ or a spirit then I would correct you here. She is my vertical from IBM MEA region, who is pushing me at my work and supporting me in every way when I need her. May there is an official work regarding my day to day activities or a personal mentorship, she is always there. Perhaps she was never seen, just a voice on the call from day#1 taking care of my everything. : – )

This was the very first experience for me to work under such mentor. As it is very difficult to take care of your team from a long distance. If I talk about myself then from my childhood, I always used to interact with my teachers and mentors directly face to face. Due to my military background, my teachers, coaches, and mentors always knows what I’m doing and at what point I’m lacking. Sometimes they punish me if I was wrong and sometimes they talk to me so I can correct myself and move on in a right direction. Even in Microsoft, Mentors were quite visible on the Video call. Perhaps this mentor was never seen even then she knows everything about me and whenever I did something wrong then she suddenly corrects me by saying that, ‘Sajid! that’s not who things work’ and then she guided me the right way.

As IBM has everything in structure and there are the much better procedures for everything, so from the start, she is correcting me on everything. Sometimes I did argue with her when I was feeling myself right but after some time I always realized that the procedure she is telling me is correct and I always feel sorry at the end. : – )

Well, there are very few mentors like her. I wish I would get more time to work under her mentorship. Perhaps every great thing comes to an end so ultimately my journey with her comes to the end.

There are a lot more to tell about her, perhaps I fear if I explain here then she would again angry upon me.  So let’s sum up here.

This is only the great push of my such mentors at every stage of my life due to which I’m standing at this place and working forward to lead technology ground.

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