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Microsoft Build 2016: Cortana Update


During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the improvements to Cortana along with Windows 10 anniversary update.

Now the users can find Cortana Collection in Windows Store to make it easy for consumers to find great apps with Cortana.

Cortana will now proactively make suggestions for you through-out your day, like offering to buy you lunch or arrange transportation. Moreover, Cortana will be available above the lock screen, giving you quicker access to your personal assistant for common tasks across all types of devices without unlocking your PC.

As Cortana works across your devices, so complete certain notification-based tasks on your Windows or Android phone, such as receiving and sending text messages, on your PC.

And Developers will also have full access to Cortana through proactive actions, allowing their Apps to perform tasks based on user context by linking existing actions in your deep-link enabled apps.

So Let see how actually control out devices…

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