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IBM STEM Islamabad | Sahar – Discover the Era of Digital Innovation


After an extensive hard work of several weeks, finally, we were there to execute the STEM event in Islamabad with full energy and momentum. This time, the theme of the STEM event was “Sahar – Discover the Era of Digital Innovation”. To encourage high school girls to pursue their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) careers and provide professional guidance from female role models in the field of technology.

The audience included girls from reputed schools in Pakistan from standard IX-XII plus IBM Parents with their girl children from high school. We were estimating a size of 100 attendees.

There were 3 main objectives of the event are as follows.

  • Help girls who are school students to consider a career in STEM
  • Inspire them by showing and connecting them to role models from IBM and different organizations.
  • Ensure that enough opportunities are provided during and after the event to the students so that they can get mentors from the technology field who can guide them in their milestone decisions of choosing a career

So we were together at Ramada Hotel at early morning on Friday, March 10th, 2017. Everybody was highly excited as we were finally going to execute everything;


JumpStart STEM | Madeeha Omer;

We started with the JumpStart session by Madeeha Omer (IBM Pakistan Marketing Lead). She briefly described about the STEM. How STEM is important for Girls and how they can grow their career by staying with STEM.

Let’s see the session clip Here;

Welcome Message By Ghazzanfar Ali

The Welcome Message was given by Ghazanfar Ali (IBM Pakistan Country GM). He interacts with the audience in such a great way that everyone enjoys his talk. He described about IBM and the audience can find their career in IBM by staying in STEM.

Let’s see the session clip Here;

Panel Discussion | Moderat by Gazanfar Ali

We had the wonderful panel discussion consist of great panelist moderated by Gazanfar Ali. The panel was consist of ‘Ilse Cilliers’, ‘Defne Tozan’, ‘Saba Kamal’, ‘Aniqa Sandhu’ and ‘Noor Aftab’;


Innovation Jam;

And we have seen great pitches from some innovative kids, who were sharing their great ideas;

Watson and Cognitive Services | Nadia Zaheer;

The complete session on Watson and cognitive services was given by Dr Nadia Zaheer. Everybody including the IBM leads enjoyed the session and demos.

Let’s do see the video clip of the session here;

At the end, Ghazanfar concludes the session in his great style. He appreciates everybody for the great efforts to organize such a great event.

And we had Candie machine for kids, which they really enjoyed;


For the participants, this was one of the most memorable events of their lives which would definitely push them towards a better career. : – )



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