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Develop WATSON App in JAVA | IBM Bluemix


Now as you should already have some hands-on with Watson services and JAVA along with MAVAN then let’s do develop Watson App in JAVA.

Now simply create a MAVAN project in JAVA and add Watson Developer Cloud dependency to pom.xml file;


Now we can see, as soon we’ll add the dependency, it will add all Developer Cloud Dependency files in Maven Dependency folder;

Now, in Java Resource Package, simply create a new main class with name WatsonConversatonDemo and put the required code of the specific service in that class.

For Reference, you can see the details here; https://github.com/watson-developer-cloud/java-sdk

Now, as you can see, we just have to give the credentials (UserName and Password) of our Conversation App which we have created in Bluemix.

Create a sample conversation service on Bluemix. (To Understand step by step, how to create Chatbot through Watson Conversation Service, visit my Blog Here:                                                      )

Simply go to App Dashboard–>Service Credentials and copy the required credentials from there;

And simply paste into the class and add the required dependencies;

Now, simply run the App in Java Application.

And Kaboom. : – )

You’ll start getting the data in the JSON form. Now you can further use the data anywhere you want as per your ease and need. : – )

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