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Softcom 2016 Powered By IBM


If you suddenly arrive at a place where people are working in different sides to beat each other. Where you watch people either planning in silence or executing something with noise. People running from one place to other in a rush, challenging each other with their actions and progress. If you try to talk with them then you got no proper attention. At the same time, you see some people giving some talk to motivate people and some people are working on their tasks which they have to complete. Some are making noise and while some are sitting with deep tension. No, you are not in a War Zone. It’s the bloody Softcom powered by IBM.

Softcom 2016 boost up on Friday eve on the second of December with the JumpStart of Cognitive Hackathon by IBM. Participants from all over the Pakistan participate in Softcom with full energy and passionate to do some great really awesome. This was the 17th Softcom which was held first time in 2000 and since then has been holding this event regularly every year in which hundreds of participant from all over the Pakistan take a part with full preparation. These three days filled with learning, fun, enjoyment, thrill and competition, participants have an experience of the lifetime that is worth remembering for them.

The fire that starts on Friday eve continues till the Sunday eve on closing ceremony and people left with great learning and lot of memories and motivation that will stay with them throughout their life. Everybody was highly enthusiastic about their role in Softcom and for us, their passion was encouraging to boost their energy for continuous three days. So, during the sessions along with technical and mentorial concepts we were pushing everybody to keep motivated for their tasks.


  • Cognitive Hackathon – Day#1;

This was the major part of Softcom. It continued on all three days of Softcom. Participants give their best to build something outstanding in the very limited time. The most interesting thing is that most of the people don’t even know about the cognitive before perhaps they start understanding from the very first session of IBM and give their best to execute their projects for next 48-Hours according to the plan from our side.

Cognitive Hackathon starts with a JumpStart session on Design Thinking and Cognitive Services.

  • Right after the opening, Qaim explain everything in details to all participants and give them whole plan for next days of Hackathon;
  • Meanwhile, I was sit down with our event ambassadors and discuss final plan about the Softcom execution;

The participants were focusing on their tasks which they needed to perform. Everyone was highly curious to learn about cognitive services and eager to learn about Watson services and how it works with their ideas and projects.


The sessions on day-1 continue till 2:30 AM night. And we asked participants to work upon their ideas whole night so at morning we can give them their solution from Bluemix accordingly.


The second day of Softcom starts with the full momentum from early morning. Everyone was highly excited and participants all set to put their all into it;

All the other competition include startup competition, speed programming and other also start;

  • Startup Competition.

We’ve seen some great idea in the Startup Competition. People come with some great prototypes to show us. Although most of them were non-tech but they pitch themselves very well.

:: From the Startup Competition, “Team Locatarous” was the winner.

  • Programming Competition;

This was the major event of Day#2 that captures the attention of everyone. Teams work so hard to resolve the problems given to them.

The Competition continues for 6 hours. Every team give their best during the given time and ultimately, we’ve got the winner from the University of Peshawar.

  • Designing Competition;

We had some great designers for the Designing competition who design some great design.

Winners were from FAST Faisalabad “Humayun Akbar” and”Hammad Habib”.

  • Quiz Competition;

The Winners was the “Team Suffions” from DHA Suffa University Karachi.

  • IBM TechTalk

We had the TechTalk in which we see large audience eager to know about Cognitive Era.

  • Noori Concert.

On Day#2 evening we had the Noori Concert in the Softcom. It was the evening with full of noise and craziness. (BTW, it was my first time when I go for a concert). So everyone was there and jumping around us;

The Concert was continued for almost 4 hours at night;

And during the concert, everybody was jumping around except we IBMers. One can see us clearly sitting alone at the center. : – )

BTW, the Day-2 was never ending for us, after the Noori concert, we were back to Hackathon to push our participants. They were working with full concentration as they have to submit deliverables on the Day-3 afternoon.

  • Cognitive Hackathon – Day#2;

The second day of cognitive hackathon was all about the implementation of ideas. Participants teams who worked upon their ideas whole night, come to us early morning for the brainstorming and solution from the Bleumix and Watson Cognitive services.



And as this was the big day for them. So they continuously work throughout the day and then throughout the night;

Late night, when most of the Softcom participants and teams were sleeping, Hackathon participants were working on their projects. I was there with them throughout the night. Some of the participants complete their most of the project during that time and showing me their working demos.

I still remember, at 6 AM morning when I was continuously awakening science more that last 24 hours, I was about to die. So I set three chairs side by side and laid down to straight my body. : – ) And suddenly our ambassador comes to me and said, Sir, we are here for the support you can take some rest. And finally, three people drop me to my bed. : – )

So, that’s how we move to day#3.






  • TechTalk

We start our day with the TechTalk;

  • Cognitive Hackathon – Day#3;

So, we were moving towards the climax of the Cognitive Hackathon. Hackathons teams who spend their all efforts upon their projects were concluding their projects for the showtime.

And finally, we conclude the Cognitive Hackathon ask participants to submit the deliverables.

  • Hackathon Final Pitches;

So, participants were all set to present their great project which they were developed

So, all teams show us their great work. All of them could be set as winner perhaps on the basis of point we have following winners;

i)  FindMyFood (Winner)

ii) The NorthStart (RunnerUp)

Closing Ceremony;

And finally, we move to the Closing Ceremony. Everybody was there for Results announcement.

  • And we had our winners;

  • Winners were highly excited, making noise and jumping around;


This big event was executed so good due to the great hard work of this team;


And most importantly for us this team;


That include our event ambassadors, Omer, Mufaddal, Ayyama, Khadija and Shanza.

Further, we had Jawad who did blogging for us. Shees, from behind the camera who did Photography for us.

For social media, we had;

He did cool social media posts.

And for Graphics Designing we had;

He did some great graphics designing for the event.

So finally, we conclude a successful event. For us, this was one of the most wonderful and memorable events.



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