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Chaseable Live Tiles: Microsoft Introduce New Live Tiles

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft introduced the new live tile called the Chaseable Live Tiles. That will totally changed the Live tile experience in Windows. From the Chaseable Live Tiles, users will be able to directly navigate to a content or item that is shown on the title. That would really help developers to get their users…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Microsoft Azure Momentum

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Scott Guthrie describe once again the Azure momentum among enterprise customers. There are more than 85% of Fortune 500 customers are now on Microsoft Cloud. Also has more data centers than Google and Amazon combined. There are 120,000 new Azure customers adding every month. And The most interesting thing…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Skype is Open for Developers to Use In Apps

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the Skype SDKs for developers. That will open the new ways of development and make the Apps more Conversation as a Platform. The Skype Web SDK enables the integration of real-time messaging experiences in nearly any webpage with only a few lines of code. Microsoft is updating this SDK …

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Microsoft Build 2016: Windows 10 Anniversary SDK

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK for the Windows Developers. There are many new features that will be coming with the new SDK. Below is the run-through of some of the new improvements Microsoft is bringing for the developers. Connected Devices: We are bringing new ways to connect to, communicate…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Cortana Update

During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the improvements to Cortana along with Windows 10 anniversary update. Now the users can find Cortana Collection in Windows Store to make it easy for consumers to find great apps with Cortana. Cortana will now proactively make suggestions for you through-out your day, like offering to buy you…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Whats New In Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is the most exclusive and power tool to develop any type of Software. And day by day Microsoft adding more and more features to this tool in order to make it easier for developers to just implement the stuff precisely. So during the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the new updates in Visual Studio.…

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Project Murphy: Microsoft’s Artistic AI that Imagines the Unimaginable

If you are imagining something that not actually happened. Then good news for you. Microsoft just introduce an awesome artistic AI tool that Imagines the Unimaginable. During the Build 2016 conf Microsoft Announced the Project Murphy. A new AI-based web service that takes face swapping to a new extreme. The service allows users to ask the bot questions…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Power BI Embedded Preview

Microsoft announce the Microsoft Power BI just last year and within an year the tool add some very useful contribution in BI. It is a collection of online services and features that enables you to find and visualize data, share discoveries. And during the Build 2016 conf Microsoft announce the Power BI Embedded Preview that is…

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Microsoft Build 2016: iOS Emulator is Here with XAMARIN

So finally the wait is over for developers. The thing which the developers were waiting from last 12 months is here. Finally, during the Build 2016 conf Microsoft announce the iOS emulator for Windows developers. Now the developers can easily develop Apps for iOS without essentially having to “invest in a chair [Mac] that spins”.…

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Microsoft Build 2016: Open Sourcing the XAMARIN Runtime

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft made a huge announcement announced of XAMARIN Free for Developers. Along with that Microsoft also announced the open sourcing of Xamarin Runtime. As Microsoft love open source And Microsoft know you do too. So Microsoft announced the contribution of Mono Project to the .NET Foundation. That also include some previously proprietary mobile-specific improvements to the Mono…

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