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Develop a C# Console Project

The Best Way to learn any language or a technology is to learn it by development projects in it. In C# we can do project base learning is variety of different application framework! The Architecture of Visual C# Project is shown below; C# programs run on the .NET Framework, an integral component of Windows that…

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C# Memory Management

In C#, the memory is allocated by dynamically at Runtime and don’t have to explicitly allocate memory. So you don’t need to worry about allocate memory and then reclaim it. It is done for you at backend by Garbage Collector process. CLR periodically checks memory heap. It looks for unreferenced objects and releases resources. And…

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Architecture of .NET Framework

.NET Framework is developed by Microsoft. The .NET Framework is Microsoft platform for Software Development. It provides a Universal Platform that let Microsoft Developers Program in same way and with the same languages regardless of whether for working for the Web, for Desktop or for Mobile. There’re also class libraries available for particular type of…

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JumpStart with Microsoft Visual C#

Microsoft Visual C# is the Multi-Paradigm Programming Language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines. With C#, one has got a great programming language and a valuable tool at his fingertips. Perhaps without giving credit to Visual Studio IDE is unfair with the most powerful IDE in the world…

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