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JumpStart with Hadoop

Motivation; Whenever we will hear about Big Data implementation and its tools, we would definitely hear about Hadoop community. According to IBM analytics, some companies are delaying data opportunities because of organizational constraints. Others are not sure what distribution to choose and still, others simply can’t find time to mature their Big Data delivery due to…

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Up & Running with Big Data

Motivation Big data is an amount of data that you cannot deal with using traditional methods and it’s very relative because big data five years ago is not big data today so it’s constantly evolving. I think it’s when you have a great amount of data. Not only can you not store it, but you…

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JumpStart Programming with Python 3

Motivation; Well, if you want to play with data and deal with complex analytics problems then Python is the best for you. We can use Python for developing complex scientific and numeric apps. Python is designed with features to facilitate data analysis and visualization. The syntax in Python helps the programmers to do coding in fewer steps as…

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Understanding of Data Science Methodology

Motivation: It’s all about the different methods used in data science. Data Science Methodology: There is the following methodology used in data science which can further categories into different phases; From Problem to Approach Business Understanding Analytical Approach Working with Data Data Requirements Data Collection Data Understanding Data Preparation Deriving the Answer Modeling Evaluation Development Feedback…

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Develop WATSON App in JAVA | IBM Bluemix

Now as you should already have some hands-on with Watson services and JAVA along with MAVAN then let’s do develop Watson App in JAVA. Now simply create a MAVAN project in JAVA and add Watson Developer Cloud dependency to pom.xml file;   Now we can see, as soon we’ll add the dependency, it will add…

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JumpStart with JAVA Frameworks | MVC, Spring, RESTful Services

So, as you already have some hands-on with JAVA development, let’s do move forward and play with JAVA Frameworks. There are different frameworks available in JAVA. Each framework has its own pros and cons. Developers can use any framework as per then need, requirement and ease. Here, we’ll be talking about MVC and Spring along…

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JumpStart with JAVA | For Dot NET Developers

So, if you’re a Dot NET developer and you are looking to do JumpStart with JAVA then my friend you are just at the right place. Sometimes you do not live with one language. Especially if you are working for an organization who is working in different dimensions. Let’s start by viewing a small clip;…

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CSharp Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners | Bob Tabor

Are you new to programming or you are absolute beginner looking for an awesome video tutorial for great hands on. Then there is an awesome video series available on Microsoft Virtual Academy by the Bob Tabor HERE. :: Published On: 25 March 2016 You can see the whole description provided with the course bellow; /* Want to…

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Develop Your First UWP App Using JavaScript

If you are a Web Develop or have some familiarities with Web Languages and you want to develop UWP? Then congratulations! you can easily create UWP Apps by using Web Languages like HTML5, JS etc… So In order to Develop your First UWP App through Web Languages, first you should have to make sure that…

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Objects: Everything is an Object in C#

Microsoft Visual C# is an object-oriented language. This makes it similar to Java, C++ and many others. Not all object-oriented languages are the same. Some languages are mostly procedural and incorporate some object-oriented features. C#, however, is a strict object-oriented language. That means that all values are stored as objects or as members of objects.…

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