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This Category is All About my Professors & Supervisors.


Jennifer Stammers | An Unseen Manager

Jennifer Stammers is one the great mentors under which I work, but for a short time. Well, if you are thinking about a real ‘Jenni’ or a spirit then I would correct you here. She is my vertical from IBM MEA region, who is pushing me at my work and supporting me in every way when I…

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Junaid Jamshed: An Evangelist, A Role Model, A Hero

O Junaid Jumshed, today you’re leaving behind millions of your followers with broken heart including this one. You were the one from which I was actually impressed. I followed you from the time when I was not able to speak well but I sing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, from the time when I used to sing ‘Dil Dil…

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