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Jennifer Stammers | An Unseen Manager

Jennifer Stammers is one the great mentors under which I work, but for a short time. Well, if you are thinking about a real ‘Jenni’ or a spirit then I would correct you here. She is my vertical from IBM MEA region, who is pushing me at my work and supporting me in every way when I…

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EcoD Pakistan Meetup | Islamabad

So we were together for the EcoD Pakistan Meetup during the second week of March 2017. Initially, we were expecting an official meetup from IBM perhaps we wait for that up to a long time and finally we decide to let’s do that together. : – ) Our Karachi team arrived in Islamabad from the…

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IBM is Standing with Pakistani Entrepreneur Society | IBM PAKISTAN

Pakistan is one of the countries that have greater depth for Entrepreneurs and Startups. One of the biggest reason is that Pakistan has a lot of problems in every field. And more problems means you have more solutions for those problems. So Pakistani Entrepreneurs from all over the world spending their efforts upon that. According…

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Junaid Jamshed: An Evangelist, A Role Model, A Hero

O Junaid Jumshed, today you’re leaving behind millions of your followers with broken heart including this one. You were the one from which I was actually impressed. I followed you from the time when I was not able to speak well but I sing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, from the time when I used to sing ‘Dil Dil…

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GEP for you.

GEP: IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

If you are an Entrepreneur, Startup or a new growing company and looking for appropriate tools, software, cloud services that exactly fulfilled your requirements then sky is the only limit my friend. IBM Global Entrepreneur is our unique program designed to connect startups to our global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology.…

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