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February 06, 2019


Create a Toolkit | Hands-On with IBM BPM 8.6

Motivation A toolkit is a collection of assets that are shared between process apps or other toolkits during development. Attentive application of toolkits is an efficient method for managing the reusability and compartmentalization of project assets. As we have a good understanding of IBM BPM, BPD and model the gateway and intermediate events from here. We’re…

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Playback | Hands-On with IBM BPM 8.6

Motivation In order to make a process application iteratively and examined at a designated development phase to establish process goals, achieve consensus, collaboratively improve the process model, and, ultimately, approve the process model by the business stakeholders, users, and development, we do the playback. Playback This is an act of demonstrating or running a process. A development…

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